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Kudos to you for your faith & perseverance; you stepped up for her when no one else would & you stuck by her thru it all.  Shiloh owes her "happily ever after" to her guardian angel - you.  Shiloh was the first horse I ever donated toward at Camelot; so many other horses that I've donated for remain unknown to me.  I always appreciate your updates & a lot of people on my email tree have replied to me about how much they enjoy them as well.  If only all the rescues did the outstanding job that you do, there would be a lot less controversy on ABR!  Carla   

I recently rescued my wonderful registered Tennessee Walking Horse from Beech Brook. Deborah has extensive knowledge of gaited horses and is very professional in how she runs her rescue. I was very impressed with her facility and how well she knows every horse which enables her to match horses with the right homes. She is always available when I have questions and is truely dedicated. I highly recommend anyone looking for a rescue to visit Beech Brook and see just how wonderful and fulfilling saving a life can be. August 2010 Linda Bates, CT

I adopted beautiful Bella from Beech Brook Farm in April of 2010.  I had been looking at several rescue barns for several months before finding Beech Brook Farm.  What struck me about Beech Brook was the amazing and tireless commitment of  Deb Finco (the owner) and the volunteers.  The farm was clean and the horses extremely well cared for in every way.  Deb’s love for each horse was amazing.  She knew each one’s medical background, personality, riding abilities and ground manners!  Deb was up front about the good and the bad.  Bella was one of the lucky ones.  Unless more people get  involved in either volunteering, sponsoring, fostering or adopting Deb will be limited in the amount of horses she can save.  Over 90,000 horses are shipped out of the United States to be slaughtered.  Bella is perfect in every way and it  stuns me that she was hours away from being shipped to her death.  During the past months since I adopted Bella, I continually hear from people “Bella is so lucky that you found her.”  I always smile because I am the lucky one.  She has made my life more fulfilled and meaningful.  I would strongly recommend visiting the farm, getting to know the wonderful horses and meeting an inspirational woman.  Most of us talk about making a difference in the world Deb Finco does it every day- with a smile on her face.  August 2010, Kristen Song, CT

hey everybody out there in the ct horseworld, Iam just dropping a line on beechbrooks website to tell you about this great rescue!  I just went out to the farm wensday night to take a look see and meet debbie and some of the horses I must say I was very impressed right from the start. The barn is small but very clean, the property is small but well kept and the tack room was clean and organized one of my pet peeves at any barn I hang my helmut at! I met debbie at the barn and she showed me around, she went over the rescues mission to save as many horses per year as she can then she went over the barn objectives, and rules then we went off to visit the horses in the barn and the upper pen. I was so happy to see all the horses well fed clean and happy in their clean stalls and pens debbie took the time to go over each horses life story at least what she was told or has figured out by working with each horses needs and personalitys. She took the time to tell me how each animal was doing in their training and her hopes for placeing each one in the right home. Look folks Ive been in the business for 35 years total this year boy am I getting old! But believe me when I tell you that this lady is the real deal she is not doing this for money or the glory shes doing it out of love in her heart and the belief that every  gaited horse  deserves a shot at a good home and someone to love and partner up with them. Take it from someone who's last 7 horses were all rescues,  I have been blessed with the most loving , trusting, partners because I took a chance on a horse that no one else wanted! I will never spend big money on a horse ever when I know I love my rescue  babies the most! Please give beechbrook a money donation, supplies, or even your time is needed to due chores, rideing or fundraising, debbie is a nice lady and needs help in any way possiable, I am going to offer my services for help wont you. Suzy B CT




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