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We always welcome school and youth groups to the rescue for field trips and community service projects!  The content of the farm tour can be tailored to meet the needs of the class. We provide educational opportunities for various groups who are interested in learning about our rescue and various farm activities. Visits can include meeting the animals, learning about our rescue efforts and horse slaughter, learning about horse care, working with some of our rescue horses, etc. Contact us to make an appointment.  We have had visits from Grasso Tech, Lighthouse, Quaker Hill, Scout troops and other groups.

Some of the groups that have visited our farm

American Heritage Scouts Nov. 7, 2010. The scouts helped groom and clean saddles and a pen. They also visited with the minis (donkeys, goats and mini horse) and seemed to love the mini's.

Mystic Middle School Nov 5th. 2010 Nora the counselor brought 3 students who had fundraised some $$ (106) for our rescue. We visited all the horses and they helped groom Ruby.

Lighthouse June 2010. Several clients of the Lighthouse came to help clean and groom horses. One wonder women created a wonderful book of pictures and poems of horses.

Quaker HIll Elementary. Dec. 2009. Students in Diana Wursthorn's 4th grade class visited the farm to learn more about equine rescue and what we do to save horses. In spite of the cold weather the students helped muck stalls, asked lots of questions, took notes and were a pleasure to have visit. Their teacher was having them learn about our rescue so they could do a community project to support us.

April, 2010. The students returned to present us with donations, sing some songs and rap about horse rescue. As part of their fundraising efforts they walked 5 miles. The students donated 1500 dollars- enough money to save 2-3 horses. They enjoyed visiting the horses and one horse Pale Ale is going to send them updates with photos of himself and updates of the farm.


Cub Scout Troop Pack 2, Mystic- Fall 2009. Visiting the farm to see the animals and learn about our rescue.

 Grasso Tech. Spring 2009. Mr Fritch's Bioscience class visited the farm to learn about the rescue, visit all the animals, take a walking tour of the woods and vernal pools, learn about manure disposal and fly control. Students took horse manure of different ages and chicken manure back to school for an experiment to see which was best for plant growth.


Grasso Tech. Fall 2009. Mr. Fritch brought a class to visit the farm and learn about the rescue operation. Students helped groom several rescue horses and donkeys. Some students also visited the chickens and collected some feathers to make dream catchers, since the chickens are molting right now .Several students are interested in volunteering and we hope to see them at the farm in the future.


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