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Equine Facilitated Learning/Equine supported Psychotherapy
BBFER is proud to offer unique equine experiences that promote learning and self-discovery that allow youth to develop fulfilling lives.  Through hands-on activities, disadvantaged youth can foster skills that are useful in many areas of life, including, but not limited to, communication skills, problem solving abilities, creative thinking, teamwork, confidence, patience, and empathy.  Each program is developed for and tailored to the specific needs of the individual. 


ESP is a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist and an equine professional working with clients and horses to address specific treatment goals.  It is experiential in nature: the clients actively participate with the horses and then process any feelings, behaviors, and patterns that may occur.

ESP sessions are offered on an ongoing basis at a cost of $40 per session.


In ELP students learn by actively participating in activities with the horses.  The team consists of an educator, an equine professional, the equine, and the student.  In an ELP session, the equine professional will set up ground activities involving the horse which require the student or group to develop and apply certain skills as determined by the educator.  We offer a six-week program with one 2-hour session per week.   The cost for  4 students is $480; the cost for 6 students is $720.

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