Beech Brook Farm Equine Rescue

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Rescue Costs and Donations needed -See adoption page for updates regarding horses available

 Rescuing a horse: Approximate routine costs involved

Bail/Broker fee: $200-800

Coggins, Health Certificate, fee to auction barn/broker: ~ 100 

Transportation from auction barn to rescue: $200-300

Vet check: $150

Medications (if needed): $50-100 (or up to several thousand depending on severity of illness)

Thus, just to save a horse we spend ~500-1000 dollars OR MORE

Farrier (every 7 weeks): $45-90 (barefoot/front shod)

Hay/grain/supplements per month: $200+

Shavings for horses stall: $25/month

worming/shots: $200 /year 

In general it costs at ~300 dollars a month to provide for a horse when averaging in expenses above over a year. If hay prices go up this can increase to 400 dollars a month PER HORSE. If we have 10+ rescues at a time you can do the math & understand our need to get donations and fundraise.

Wish List items:

Small ticket items:

Daily wormer, Grain donations, blankets- pony sized (56). Also need 68, 70, 72 + 74; hard and soft brushes, Blinders with full cup transparent or colored eye covers (for horse with eye injuries), feed buckets, metal pitch forks, muck wheelbarrows, loads of sand/clay mix for round pens and dry lots, gravel,

Big ticket items:

Mule/gator- 4 wd- needed for hauling water to lower paddock in winter (50+ gallons a day in winter) and for hauling and moving manure (currently 10+ wheelbarrows a day). Also needed to move hay and grain from main barn to lower barn.

Solar water troughs (25 gallon or 42 gallon)

Used western or endurance/trail saddles (15-17 inch western seats)

Garden sheds/run in sheds to store additional hay

Hay (bales)

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